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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
FemaleFemaleBree Buchman
FemaleFemaleJoan Buchman
FemaleFemaleTabitha Campbell
FemaleFemaleLindsay Garlock
FemaleFemaleOlga Jackson
FemaleFemaleDiana Liska
FemaleFemaleJanice Manka
FemaleFemaleJen Misbach
FemaleFemalebrenda orr
FemaleFemaleStephanie Palser
FemaleFemaleDarla Pfeifer
FemaleFemaleJenni Richards
FemaleFemaleWendy Rieck
FemaleFemaleMichelle Sewell
FemaleFemaleMichelle Thompson
FemaleFemaleJoyce tontegode
FemaleFemaleLois Wies
FemaleFemaleSingle WomenBecky Busboom
FemaleFemaleSingle WomenEmilie Rinne
FemaleFemaleSingle WomenTonia Robinson
MaleMaleRyan Garlock
MaleMaleScott Giddings
MaleMaleWilliam Moseman
MaleMaleJeff Murray
MaleMaleChris Richards
MaleMaleKeith Sewell
MaleMaleDerek Wakefield
MaleMaleNot too PickyToby Asplin