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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
openopenLISA BUHR
openopenTheresa Homan
openopenNicole Johnson
openopenAndrew Kaye-Skinner
openopenMary Koenig
openopenDenise Teahon Peter
openopenBone Doc SaintsTrent Maly
openopenBone Doc SaintsEric Timperley
openopenDeep BurnJake Meyer
openopenDouble TroubleTracy Callahan
openopenDouble TroubleToni England
openopenFive Fingers of FuryJeff Krueger
openopenJayAlAl Behrens
openopenJayAlJay Bullock
openopenJubilent JackrabbitsAshley Frear Cooper
openopenJubilent JackrabbitsMolly Nance
openopenkluchTyler Kluch
openopenkluchScott Kluch
openopenRoadRashDavid Hill
openopenRoadRashBrad Oldfield
openopenRunners GONE WILDKeith Sewell
openopenRunners GONE WILDMichelle Sewell