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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
5 MilesMenJoe Bailey
5 MilesMenDoug Deden
5 MilesMenJim Easton
5 MilesMenBill Lauer
5 MilesMenRobert Martin
5 MilesMenBarry Michael
5 MilesMenMatthew Morrison
5 MilesMenJeff Murray
5 MilesMenJon Oliva
5 MilesMenJon Oliva
5 MilesMenEli Rosenberg
5 MilesMenCameron Soester
5 MilesMenTed Straub
5 MilesMenAvid EdgeJason Bogner
5 MilesWomenRachel Balkovec
5 MilesWomenJoan Buchman
5 MilesWomenToni England
5 MilesWomenStephanie Hankins
5 MilesWomenRachel Hoger
5 MilesWomenMegan Kaminski-Doloto
5 MilesWomenJayne McManis
5 MilesWomenMelissa Meeker
5 MilesWomenJennifer Misbach
5 MilesWomenPeg Pearson
5 MilesWomenDarla Pfeifer
5 MilesWomenWendy Rieck
5 MilesWomenLauren Rucker
5 MilesWomenAmy Torres