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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
13.1 Mile FemaleNikki Jacobsen
13.1 Mile FemaleDiana Jacobsen
13.1 Mile FemaleLeslie Wehnes
13.1 Mile MaleJason Holsten
13.1 Mile MaleBrian Kelley
13.1 Mile MaleRobert Martin
13.1 Mile MaleAustin McKillip
13.1 Mile MaleJeff Murray
13.1 Mile MaleDarin Schlake
13.1 Mile MaleScott Tontegode
2 mileFemaleHannah Bauer
2 mileFemaleLinda Bauer
2 mileFemaleMaggy Mantonya
2 mileFemaleAlyssa Pair
2 mileFemaleKim Pair
2 mileMaleCody Mantonya
2 mileMaleKurt Mantonya
2 mileMaleSamuel Netherton
2 mileMaleMason Pair
2 mileMaleBen Pair
33 mileFemaleLiane Zivitski
33 mileMaleGregory Burger
33 mileMaleJeremy Morris
33 mileMaleDarvish Shadravan
5 mileFemalePenny Befort
5 mileFemalePatty Behrends
5 mileFemaleAngie Blacketer
5 mileFemaleNicole Divis
5 mileFemaleDiane Kujath
5 mileFemaleBecky Mantonya
5 mileMaleScott Befort
5 mileMaleJason Blacketer