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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
1 Mile WalkAdultSandy Andersen
1 Mile WalkAdultMartin Beerman
1 Mile WalkAdultBennie Ray Beins
1 Mile WalkAdultBrandi Cap
1 Mile WalkAdultDouglas Cap
1 Mile WalkAdultBill Comer
1 Mile WalkAdultMatt Darling
1 Mile WalkAdultJustin Elliott
1 Mile WalkAdultConnie Elliott
1 Mile WalkAdultStephanie Elliott
1 Mile WalkAdultElise Emanuel-Moore
1 Mile WalkAdultHoward Epstein
1 Mile WalkAdultJoel Eschar
1 Mile WalkAdultMark Evans
1 Mile WalkAdultPeg Evans
1 Mile WalkAdultThomas Friedman
1 Mile WalkAdultSuzanne Friedman
1 Mile WalkAdultLauren Greiner
1 Mile WalkAdultBeth Greiner
1 Mile WalkAdultCurt Greiner
1 Mile WalkAdultMissy Johnson
1 Mile WalkAdultErin Johnson
1 Mile WalkAdultBlake Johnson
1 Mile WalkAdultSandy Joons
1 Mile WalkAdultCarol Lewis
1 Mile WalkAdultRoger Lewis
1 Mile WalkAdultCraig Lytle
1 Mile WalkAdultCherie Lytle
1 Mile WalkAdultMary Manternach
1 Mile WalkAdultSusan McCall
1 Mile WalkAdultMollee Moore
1 Mile WalkAdultKris Noah
1 Mile WalkAdultMelisa Paradis
1 Mile WalkAdultKaylee Parmentier
1 Mile WalkAdultDana Parmentier
1 Mile WalkAdultBob Perrin
1 Mile WalkAdultChad Purcell
1 Mile WalkAdultGayle Reimers
1 Mile WalkAdultLeslie Reimers
1 Mile WalkAdultSuzanne Rogert
1 Mile WalkAdultElizabeth Rouse
1 Mile WalkAdultRich Rowland
1 Mile WalkAdultNathan Salazar
1 Mile WalkAdultKelli Stika
1 Mile WalkAdultMichelle Tallant
1 Mile WalkAdultRobert Tallant Jr
1 Mile WalkAdultJessie Thomas
1 Mile WalkAdultLexa Wright
1 Mile WalkAdultChidlren's Hisptial and Medical CenterKathy English
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Cardiac Sevice LineBarb Roessner
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's HeroesDon Cain
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's HeroesAshley Guatemala
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's HeroesSara Hoffman
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's HospitalKatharine Schjodt
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's HospitalKathryn Wunder
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterTraci Ahlbrandt
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterJane Beerman
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterMegan Connelly
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterCelia Ferrel
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterJon Johnson
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterMelissa Johnson
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterTami Lantis
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterReo Newring
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterKim Peterson
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterDannee Schroeder
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterMorgan Stoddard
1 Mile WalkAdultChildren's PhysiciansNicolette Kerns
1 Mile WalkAdultchildrens hospital & MedicalCandi Pospisal
1 Mile WalkAdultChildrens Hospital & Medical CenterJanelle Shepherd
1 Mile WalkAdultChildrens Hospital and Medical CenterElizabeth Rytych
1 Mile WalkAdultDowntown RotaryGretchen Bren
1 Mile WalkAdultDowntown RotaryGary Bren
1 Mile WalkAdultElliottJeff Elliott
1 Mile WalkAdultFAMILIES IN actionMaria Estrada
1 Mile WalkAdultFAMILIES IN actionValarie Lara
1 Mile WalkAdultFAMILIES IN actionMonica mata
1 Mile WalkAdultFAMILIES IN actionVirginia mcgill
1 Mile WalkAdultFAMILIES IN actionSelena Sanchec
1 Mile WalkAdultFAMILIES IN actionJackie Voight
1 Mile WalkAdultHEROESDenise Bryson
1 Mile WalkAdultHeroescristina fernandez
1 Mile WalkAdultHeroescristina fernandez
1 Mile WalkAdultHEROES teamMary Jane Hawkins
1 Mile WalkAdultKutlersMatt Kutler
1 Mile WalkAdultKutlersAbby Kutler
1 Mile WalkAdultKutlersDebi Kutler
1 Mile WalkAdultKutlersCally Kutler
1 Mile WalkAdultSkatedazePam Cernik
1 Mile WalkAdultSkatedazeScott Cernik
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanJared Bakewell
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanJean Ann Ballinger
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanZoe Baumel
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanJon Benowitz
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanJennifer Benowitz
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanKay Farrell
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanCasey Fuhrer
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanRose Fuhrer
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanFrank Goldberg
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanLeanne Goldberg
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanHerbert Hartman
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanRose Mary Hefley
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanLaurie Lofgren Jirak-Brungardt
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanMary Ann Keep
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanScott Keep
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanHelen Kelley
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanDick Kelley
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanErin Lanza
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanBrandon Lanza
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanJulie Livingston
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanJordan Lofgren
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanMarlon Lofgren
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanBrenden Lofgren
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanJeff Moran
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanRoger Morrissey
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanRoxy Orr
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanRon Pearson
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanWard Peters
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanEmily Ray
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanKen Rosa
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanCarissa Rosa
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanTrevor Rowe
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanKevin Welsh
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanMcKenzie Welsh
1 Mile WalkAdultSuburbanHeather Welsh
1 Mile WalkAdultVann RealtyHeather Britten
1 Mile WalkAdultVann RealtyEmma Britten
1 Mile WalkAdultVann RealtyKara Britten
1 Mile WalkAdultVann RealtyEileen Randell
1 Mile WalkAdultYanjun LinYanjun Lin
1 Mile WalkChildIzabella Bryson
1 Mile WalkChildJosephine Bryson
1 Mile WalkChildJennifer Carmona
1 Mile WalkChildAsher Elliott
1 Mile WalkChildPreston Greiner
1 Mile WalkChildMissy's Child 1 Johnson
1 Mile WalkChildMissy's Child 2 Johnson
1 Mile WalkChildKatie Lytle
1 Mile WalkChildKristin McCall
1 Mile WalkChildMollee's Child Moore
1 Mile WalkChildPorter Moore
1 Mile WalkChildJonathan Purcell
1 Mile WalkChildAlayna Purcell
1 Mile WalkChildChild 2 Reimers
1 Mile WalkChildVeronica Salazar
1 Mile WalkChildBryce Schaecher
1 Mile WalkChildAbby Stika
1 Mile WalkChildKaelie Tallant
1 Mile WalkChildAiden Tallant
1 Mile WalkChildRobert Tallant III
1 Mile WalkChildTest Test
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's HeroesLondon Adams
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's HeroesMadison Bequette
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's HeroesEmily Cain
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's HeroesVilma Sosa
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterBailey Johnson
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterCaleb McMahon
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterSullivan Newring
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterDarragh Newring
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterKaija Newring
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's PhysiciansConnor Endorf
1 Mile WalkChildChildren's PhysiciansBrock Endorf
1 Mile WalkChildFAMILIES IN actionNicolas Cocul- mcgill
1 Mile WalkChildFAMILIES IN actionAndy Estrada
1 Mile WalkChildFAMILIES IN actionMarvin Estrada
1 Mile WalkChildFAMILIES IN actionErnesto Mata
1 Mile WalkChildFAMILIES IN actionJack Pablo Ujpan- mcgill
1 Mile WalkChildheroescamilo zapata
1 Mile WalkChildheroescamilo zapata
1 Mile WalkChildKutlersTyler Kutler
1 Mile WalkChildKutlersVincent Kutler
1 Mile WalkChildKutlersSam Kutler
1 Mile WalkChildSuburbanNoah Benowitz
1 Mile WalkChildSuburbanTyler Epstein
1 Mile WalkChildSuburbanCambria Lanza
1 Mile WalkChildSuburbanMcKenna Rosa
1 Mile WalkChildSuburbanSavannah Rosa
1 Mile WalkChildSuburbanMatthew Rowe
1 Mile WalkChildSuburbanMichael Rowe
1 Mile WalkChildSuburbanLandon Welsh
1 Mile WalkChildSuburbanCassidy Welsh
5k RunAdultNancy Barna
5k RunAdultJeremy Bengtson
5k RunAdultSam Bergstrom
5k RunAdultLisa Blunt
5k RunAdultRobert Bolden
5k RunAdultRebecca Boocker
5k RunAdultQuinn Brandt
5k RunAdultKathy Brandt
5k RunAdultMary Burk
5k RunAdultMark Bushard
5k RunAdultBarbara Corey
5k RunAdultMegan Giaffoglione
5k RunAdultJudy Greenhagen
5k RunAdultHolly Hollenbeck
5k RunAdultSarah Iwansky
5k RunAdultRebecca Jenkins
5k RunAdultTodd Jones
5k RunAdultstacie jones
5k RunAdultJackie Joyce
5k RunAdultAmy Kaspar
5k RunAdultBrian Kaut
5k RunAdultLisa Kelly-Vance
5k RunAdultAndy King
5k RunAdultTheresa Kinnison
5k RunAdultMonica Klahn
5k RunAdultDaniel Komor
5k RunAdultDavid Krakauskas
5k RunAdultLauren Lambrecht
5k RunAdultTessa McKeone
5k RunAdultDanelle Mitchell
5k RunAdultEmer Murphy
5k RunAdultMike Naegele
5k RunAdultAnna Naegele
5k RunAdultGlenda Pannell
5k RunAdultJohn Pannell
5k RunAdultAlicia Patterson
5k RunAdultGabriela pedroza
5k RunAdultDeb Perry
5k RunAdultSarah Purcell
5k RunAdultLauren Rauth
5k RunAdultNicholas Ray
5k RunAdultJacob Raymond
5k RunAdultCarl Rhoten
5k RunAdultMichael Salerno
5k RunAdultHIlary Samuels
5k RunAdultLacee Sheffield
5k RunAdultLora Sladovnik
5k RunAdultBart Sladovnik
5k RunAdultVictor Stane
5k RunAdultCarol Stane
5k RunAdultMark Stika
5k RunAdultMike Vance
5k RunAdultSommer Wiegert
5k RunAdultGina Yagodinski
5k RunAdultPatty Yagodinski
5k RunAdultBolding BashMckenzie Bolding
5k RunAdultBolding BashLuci Bolding
5k RunAdultBolding BashJay Bolding
5k RunAdultChildren's Cardiac Service LineTony Dorr
5k RunAdultChildren's Cardiac Service LineMelissa Dorr
5k RunAdultChildren's Cardiac Service LineNatalie Martin
5k RunAdultChildren's Hospital & Medical CenterChelse Smetter
5k RunAdultFAMILIES IN actionNorma de Rameriz
5k RunAdultFirst MortgageVicki Chadd
5k RunAdultFirst MortgageTom Schmitz
5k RunAdultFruit of the DoomCatherine Plumlee
5k RunAdultGretchen Swanson Center for NutritionTom Yaroch
5k RunAdultGSCN Fruit of the DoomFarryl Bertmann
5k RunAdultGSCN Fruit of the DoomKevin Cleary
5k RunAdultGSCN Fruit of the DoomHollyanne Fricke
5k RunAdultGSCN Fruit of the DoomTeresa Smith
5k RunAdultGSCN Fruit of the DoomMichelle Woodruff
5k RunAdultHEROES Staff Shana Romero
5k RunAdultKutlersAdam Kutler
5k RunAdultSuburbanJennifer Jirak-Brungardt
5k RunAdultSuburbanTeresa Romero
5k RunAdultSuburbanWei Rowe
5k RunAdultSuburbanRandy Weiseler
5k RunChildGrace Evans
5k RunChildWilliam Evezic
5k RunChildBreanna Giaffoglione
5k RunChildNathan Hollenbeck
5k RunChildVincent Jones
5k RunChildSamuel Jones
5k RunChildAlice Jones
5k RunChildChild 1 Reimers
5k RunChildCourtney Rhoten
5k RunChildCecilia Sladovnik
5k RunChildMax Sladovnik
5k RunChildVilma Sosa
5k RunChildFAMILIES IN actionValerie de Rameriz
5k RunChildGSCN Fruit of the DoomEthan Yaroch
5k RunChildGSCN Fruit of the DoomRebecca Yaroch
5k RunChildSuburbanIan Brungardt