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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Coed Coed 2 personShort Curly HaresDoug Deden
Coed Coed 2 personShort Curly HaresJayne McManis
Coed Coed 2 personTrailblazersJerry Bixenmann
Coed Coed 2 personTrailblazersKathleen Bixenmann
Coed Coed 2 personWondertwinsMichelle Stopak
Coed Coed 2 personWondertwinsCody Walton
FemaleFemale 2 personGritty GirlsColeen Duda
FemaleFemale 2 personGritty GirlsMarjorie Quant
FemaleFemale 2 personNewbiesShannon Linder
FemaleFemale 2 personNewbiesSheri PFeil
FemaleFemale 2 personThe Lost OnesKatie Schoneweis
FemaleFemale 2 personThe Lost OnesColleen Schoneweis
FemaleFemale 2 personXX PowerRenae Dobesh
FemaleFemale 2 personXX PowerChestnut Livermore
Female soloFemaleDenise Teahon Peter
MaleMale 2 personJohn Pilong
MaleMale 2 personThomas Stayer
MaleMale 2 personBone Doc SaintsTrent Maly
MaleMale 2 personBone Doc SaintsEric Timperley
MaleMale 2 personJayAlAl Behrens
MaleMale 2 personJayAlJay Bullock
MaleMale 2 personROADRASHDavid Hill
MaleMale 2 personROADRASHBrad Oldfield
Male soloMaleDavid Hedman
Male soloMaleGreg Hernandez