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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Female 12 mileFemaleShonna Bruno
Female 12 mileFemaleSHELLY HALLER
Female 12 mileFemaleCarol Healy
Female 12 mileFemaleToni Helzer
Female 12 mileFemaleLisa Hernandez
Female 12 mileFemaleAngie Hodge
Female 12 mileFemaleHeather Jenneman
Female 12 mileFemaleAnnie Jobe
Female 12 mileFemaleAshley McBratney
Female 12 mileFemaleVICKI MERKLE
Female 12 mileFemaleKrista Palm
Female 12 mileFemaleAmy Palma
Female 12 mileFemaleJenni Richards
Female 12 mileFemaleJULIA SHULL
Female 12 mileFemaleGina Simrell
Female 12 mileFemaleNiki Strotman
Female 12 mileFemaleJennifer Zuelch
Female 3 mileFemaleBecky Koontz
Female 3 mileFemaleChestnut Livermore
Female 3 mileFemaleAlicia Myers
Female 3 mileFemaleSherri Raygor
Female 3 mileFemaleSonya Reynolds
Female 3 mileFemaleKim Wiechman
Female 3 mileFemalemichelle winklepleck
Female 3 mileFemaleTeam Red, White, and Blue OmahaStacie Farrow
Female 3 mileFemaleTeam Red, White, and Blue OmahaNicole Ricciardi
Female 3 mileFemaleTeam RWBRobbin Alex
Female 6 mileFemaleMary Amen
Female 6 mileFemaleAmy Cain
Female 6 mileFemaleTabitha Campbell
Female 6 mileFemalePamela Eby
Female 6 mileFemaleSueann French
Female 6 mileFemaleNaomi Gettler
Female 6 mileFemalesally grandick
Female 6 mileFemaleJamie Granquist
Female 6 mileFemaleDawn Helm
Female 6 mileFemaleMako Jacobs
Female 6 mileFemaleDeanna Jares
Female 6 mileFemaleValerie Jensen
Female 6 mileFemaleAmy Jobe
Female 6 mileFemaleKathleen Kilnoski
Female 6 mileFemaleDariane Kimball
Female 6 mileFemaleShannon Linder
Female 6 mileFemaleBecky Mantonya
Female 6 mileFemaleKristi Newcomb
Female 6 mileFemaleBrenda Orr
Female 6 mileFemaleSheri Pfeil
Female 6 mileFemaleAlice Spence
Female 6 mileFemaleJoyce Tontegode
Female 6 mileFemaleTracy Vannausdle
Male 12 mileMaleDoug Deden
Male 12 mileMaleSeth Groff
Male 12 mileMaleDavid Hedman
Male 12 mileMaleDavid Hollinger
Male 12 mileMaleMike Huggenberger
Male 12 mileMaleBryan Knaus
Male 12 mileMaleChris McBratney
Male 12 mileMaleRob Owens
Male 12 mileMaleChris Richards
Male 12 mileMaleAdam Rood
Male 12 mileMaleMatthew Selin
Male 12 mileMaleJoshua Stephenson
Male 12 mileMaleJeff Thompson
Male 12 mileMaleTom Volk
Male 12 mileMaleRoad RashJeff Krueger
Male 12 mileMaleRoadrashBrad Oldfield
Male 6 mileMaleMike Borland
Male 6 mileMaleDerek Castaneda
Male 6 mileMaleScott Claycomb
Male 6 mileMaleDavid Coleman
Male 6 mileMaleGreg Hernandez
Male 6 mileMaleJeff Jensen
Male 6 mileMaleKurt Mantonya
Male 6 mileMaleEric Schelker
Male 6 mileMalejim winklepleck
Male 6 mileMaleHandyman JoesToby Asplin
Male 6 mileMaleWild HaresScott Stopak