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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Female 15 mileFemalejackie boller
Female 15 mileFemaleDeb Eastman
Female 15 mileFemaleDiana Jacobsen
Female 15 mileFemaleBecky Jamison
Female 15 mileFemaleValerie Jensen
Female 15 mileFemaleKristin Laurie
Female 15 mileFemaleBrenda Orr
Female 15 mileFemaledebbie palmer
Female 15 mileFemaleSheri Pfeil
Female 15 mileFemaleDenise Teahon Peter
Female 15 mileFemaleWe Need EPOVICKI MERKLE
Female 5 mileFemaleMary Amen
Female 5 mileFemaleSusie Bokermann
Female 5 mileFemaleJamie Granquist
Female 5 mileFemaleMarty Kliewer
Female 5 mileFemaleShannon Linder
Female 5 mileFemaleKristi Newcomb
Female 5 mileFemaleCarol Voss
Female 50KFemalejennifer eloge
Female 50KFemaleCarol Healy
Female 50KFemaleCindy Kosmicki
Female 50KFemaleLori Leonard
Female 50KFemaleNorie Rich
Female 50KFemaleJenni Richards
Female 50KFemaleJULIA SHULL
Female 50KFemaleGina Simrell
Female 50KFemaleMichelle Thompson
Female 50KFemalejana voracek
Female 50KFemaleBrandy Whitaker
Female 50KFemaleLori Wilson
Female 50KFemaleNdorfnz RacingPeg Pearson
Male 15 mileMaleJacob Brown
Male 15 mileMaleKyle Clouston
Male 15 mileMaleDoug Deden
Male 15 mileMaleTJ Ernst
Male 15 mileMaleDavid Hedman
Male 15 mileMaleJeff Krueger
Male 15 mileMaleBrad Oldfield
Male 15 mileMaleMatthew Selin
Male 15 mileMaleJason Venneman
Male 15 mileMaleJames Warren
Male 15 mileMaleJoe Weinstein
Male 15 mileMaleChristopher HallChristopher Hall
Male 5 mileMaleDavid Coleman
Male 5 mileMaleRyan Hughes
Male 5 mileMaleMichael Keating
Male 5 mileMaleChris Richards
Male 50KMaleJimmy Brown
Male 50KMaleLarry Kelley
Male 50KMaleBryan Knaus
Male 50KMaleMiguel Ordorica
Male 50KMaleChad Sellers
Male 50KMaleJoshua Stephenson
Male 50KMaleJeff Thompson