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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Female 15 mileFemaleRhonda Ahrens
Female 15 mileFemaleSusie Bokermann
Female 15 mileFemaleKristi Newcomb
Female 15 mileFemaleJulia Richards Krapfl
Female 15 mileFemaleBrandy Whitaker
Female 2 mileFemaleMarcia Bartels
Female 2 mileFemalePatty Behrends
Female 2 mileFemaleSara Bundy
Female 2 mileFemaleJenik Davis
Female 2 mileFemaleMichele Hill
Female 2 mileFemaleTara Korthals
Female 2 mileFemaleAshley Streit
Female 2 mileFemaleBrandy Woosley
Female 33 mileFemaleCarol Healy
Female 33 mileFemaleMichelle Thompson
Female 33 mileFemalejana voracek
Female 5 mileFemaleMary Amen
Female 5 mileFemaleKnotheadsShannon Linder
Female 5 mileFemaleknotheadsSheri Pfeil
Male 15 mileMaleDavid Coleman
Male 15 mileMaleDoug Deden
Male 15 mileMaleMartin Ertz
Male 15 mileMaleDavid Hedman
Male 15 mileMaleRyan Hughes
Male 15 mileMaleJeff Jensen
Male 15 mileMaleJeff Krueger
Male 15 mileMaleBrad Oldfield
Male 15 mileMaleScott Reichardt
Male 15 mileMaleChristopher HallChristopher Hall
Male 2 mileMaleDan Arner
Male 2 mileMaleScott Davis
Male 33 mileMaleJimmy Brown
Male 33 mileMaleJoshua Stephenson
Male 5 mileMale 5 mileJoe Billesbach
Male 5 mileMale 5 mileMike Borland
Male 5 mileMale 5 mileJacob Brown
Male 5 mileMale 5 mileTrunks Carter
Male 5 mileMale 5 mileKevin Riessland
Male 5 mileMale 5 mileRonald Schacht