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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
10 mile female10 mile femaleSandra Kelley
10 mile female10 mile femaleJessica Kirkpatrick
10 mile female10 mile femaleCindy Kosmicki
10 mile female10 mile femaleCarolyn Marsh
10 mile female10 mile femaleKrista Rosentreader
10 mile male10 mile malePaul Peterson
10 mile male10 mile maleKevin Riessland
10 mile male10 mile maleAl Schroeder
10 mile male10 mile maleEric Williams
15 mile female15 mile femaleShonna Bruno
15 mile female15 mile femaledeb eastman
15 mile female15 mile femaleDi Liska
15 mile female15 mile femaleJenny Logsdon
15 mile female15 mile femaleKristina Myint
15 mile female15 mile femaleBobbie Ruhs
15 mile female15 mile femaleAngela Sing
15 mile female15 mile femalejana voracek
15 mile male15 mile maleEric Boos
15 mile male15 mile maleCainon Brown
15 mile male15 mile maleJacob Brown
15 mile male15 mile maleJimmy Brown
15 mile male15 mile maleMike Christensen
15 mile male15 mile maleDoug Deden
15 mile male15 mile maleRon Ruhs
15 mile male15 mile maleJoshua Stephenson
5 mile male5 mile femaleLisa Hernandez
5 mile male5 mile femaleTheresa Homan
5 mile male5 mile femaleSarah Johnson
5 mile male5 mile femaleAmy Koehler
5 mile male5 mile femaleShannon Linder
5 mile male5 mile femaleValerie Morris
5 mile male5 mile femaleMichelle Sewell
5 mile male5 mile femaleJennifer Zuelch
5 mile male5 mile femaleKnot HeadsSheri Pfeil
5 mile male5 mile maleKeith Knoop
5 mile male5 mile maleKenneth Knoop
5 mile male5 mile maleZane Languis
5 mile male5 mile maleRicky Pruitt
5 mile male5 mile maleKeith Sewell