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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
10 mile female10 mile femaleShonna Bruno
10 mile female10 mile femaleIda Van Scyoc
10 mile male10 mile maleMike Huggenberger
10 mile male10 mile malescott mcgaha
10 mile male10 mile maleJeff Murray
15 mile female15 mile femaleKrista Rosentreader
15 mile female15 mile femaleGina Simrell
15 mile male15 mile maleSean Mckown
5 mile female5 mile femaleSchia Cloutier
5 mile female5 mile femaleLexie Dent
5 mile female5 mile femaleJade Dent
5 mile female5 mile femaleJenny Quicke
5 mile male5 mile maleDavid Cloutier
5 mile male5 mile maleVan DeWald
50K female50K femaleColeen Duda
50K female50K femaleCindy Kosmicki
50K female50K femaleJulia Richards Krapfl
50K female50K femalejana voracek
50K male50K maleCarl Edwards
50K male50K maleTyler Irvine