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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleLori Anderson
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleShonna Bruno
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleTracy Callahan
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleNicole Furman
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleLindsay Garlock
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleMegan Glenn
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleDi Liska
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleAmy Mack
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleAmy McGaha
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemalePeg Pearson
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleAngela Sing
Solo Female 12 mileSolo Femalejana voracek
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleRachel Warne
Solo Female 3 mileSolo FemaleRaychel Brooks
Solo Female 3 mileSolo FemaleMichelle Cagler
Solo Female 3 mileSolo FemaleCecelia Catlett
Solo Female 3 mileSolo FemalePamela Eby
Solo Female 3 mileSolo FemaleBrenda Mann
Solo Female 3 mileSolo FemaleNancy Smith
Solo Female 3 mileSolo FemaleDenise Teahon
Solo Female 3 mileSolo FemaleJenna Vaughn
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleDiana Jacobsen
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleValerie Jensen
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleNicole Kaye-Skinner
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleJULIA SHULL
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleGina Simrell
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleJenny Unruh
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleKnot HeadsShannon Linder
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleKnot HeadsSheri Pfeil
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleTontegodesJoyce Tontegode
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleChristopher smith
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleDale Agner
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleRobert Borer
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleDoug Deden
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleLance Dent
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleMatthew Dwyer
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleRyan Garlock
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleChris Hilliard
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleJeff Jensen
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleTheo Lyotard
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleScott McGaha
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleWilliam Moseman
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleLance Murry
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleScott Reichardt
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleKevin Riessland
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleJeff Thompson
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleTom Volk
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleJohn Weatherly
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleDustin Zabokrtsky
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleRoadRashBrad Oldfield
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleTontegodesScott Tontegode
Solo Male 3 mileSolo MaleBen Pair
Solo Male 6 mileSolo Malecarl franklin
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleSeth Groff
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleAndrew Kaye-Skinner
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleKurt Mantonya
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleEric Schelker