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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Long Course2-Person CoedTeam FrogDogLinda Kelsey
Long Course2-Person CoedTeam FrogDogTim Kelsey
Long Course2-Person MaleEndurance BounceJeremy Atherton
Long Course2-Person MaleEndurance BounceChris Hittner
Long Course2-Person MaleThe Donner PartyBrian Kerl
Long Course2-Person MaleThe Donner PartyDave McCollough
Long Course2-Person MaleTwo Brothers RacingJoshua Avery
Long Course2-Person MaleTwo Brothers RacingDean Avery
Long Course2-Person MaleWoodstersBuck Wood
Long Course2-Person MaleWoodstersTerry Wood
Long Course3-Person FemaleTeam L.A.Christine Davisson
Long Course3-Person FemaleTeam L.A.Charity Gillam
Long Course3-Person FemaleTeam L.A.Charmion Harris
Long Course3-Person MaleBazingaJeff Barr
Long Course3-Person MaleBazingascott Downs
Long Course3-Person MaleBazingaPete Fix
Long Course3-Person MaleF.A.R.T. (Fast A$$ Recreational Team)Matt Oliver
Long Course3-Person MaleF.A.R.T. (Fast A$$ Recreational Team)Erik Robart
Long Course3-Person MaleF.A.R.T. (Fast A$$ Recreational Team)Mike Suing
Short Course2-Person FemalePeas-n-podGwyn Gregory
Short Course2-Person FemalePeas-n-podMary Livingston
Short Course2-Person MaleTwo Drinkers With a Climbing ProblemShane Cherney
Short Course2-Person MaleTwo Drinkers With a Climbing ProblemBen Wisinski
Short Course3-Person FemaleRace RatsBeth McCormick
Short Course3-Person FemaleRace RatsJean Vacha
Short Course3-Person FemaleRace RatsKristina Walker