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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
15 mile FemaleSolo FemaleMary Amen
15 mile FemaleSolo FemaleLinda Stevens
15 mile MaleSolo MaleGreg Gibson
15 mile MaleSolo MaleAllan Hull
15 mile MaleSolo MaleBike MastersBrian Hromas
15 mile MaleSolo MaleBike MastersDavid Marson
15 mile MaleSolo MaleBike MastersDavid Neef
15 mile MaleSolo MaleBike MastersPaul Neuberger
15 mile MaleSolo MaleThe BikingfoolsMichael Wong
35 mile FemaleSolo FemaleKristin Kleve
35 mile FemaleSolo FemaleGina Kovanda
35 mile MaleSolo MaleMichael Blessing
35 mile MaleSolo MaleMike Borland
35 mile MaleSolo MaleRoy Longoria
35 mile MaleSolo MaleMike McCormick
35 mile MaleSolo MaleEd Opp
35 mile MaleSolo MaleAngry Cow AdventuresJake Meyer
35 mile MaleSolo MaleLincoln Industries / Flatwater CyclingAaron Tredway
35 mile MaleSolo MaleRoad RashJeff Krueger
35 mile MaleSolo MaleRoad RashBrad Oldfield
35 mile MaleSolo MaleThe Bike WayMichael McColgan
35 mile MaleSolo MaleThe Bike WayBrad Znamenacek