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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Open 2 mileOpenJamison Hoffman
Solo Female 10mileSolo FemaleAmanda Baker
Solo Female 10mileSolo FemaleShonna Bruno
Solo Female 10mileSolo FemaleKristi Newcomb
Solo Female 10mileSolo FemaleDarla Pfeifer
Solo Female 10mileSolo FemaleGina Simrell
Solo Female 10mileSolo FemaleIda Van Scyoc
Solo Female 25 mileSolo FemaleHaley Bidroski
Solo Female 25 mileSolo FemaleStephanie Setlak
Solo Female 25 mileSolo FemaleAngela Sing
Solo Female 25 mileSolo FemaleKristina Turco
Solo Female 5 mileSolo FemaleLinda Bargar
Solo Female 5 mileSolo FemaleNikki Jacobsen
Solo Female 5 mileSolo FemaleDiana Jacobsen
Solo Female 5 mileSolo FemaleKarli Weise
Solo Female 5 mileSolo FemaleKristen Weise
Solo Female 5 mileSolo FemaleMegan Weise
Solo Female 50 mileSolo FemaleLori Anderson
Solo Female 50 mileSolo FemaleTracy Callahan
Solo Male 10 mileSolo MaleJoe Billesbach
Solo Male 10 mileSolo MaleSeth Boos
Solo Male 10 mileSolo MaleJeff Jensen
Solo Male 10 mileSolo Malelucas jung
Solo Male 10 mileSolo MaleBruce Stewart
Solo Male 25 mileSolo MaleEric Boos
Solo Male 25 mileSolo MaleChristopher Hall
Solo Male 25 mileSolo MaleWilliam Lauer
Solo Male 25 mileSolo MaleSean Mckown
Solo Male 25 mileSolo MaleBrad Oldfield
Solo Male 25 mileSolo MaleEric Schelker
Solo Male 5 mileSolo MaleMark Jacobsen
Solo Male 5 mileSolo MaleThomas Osienger
Solo Male 5 mileSolo MaleRick Reeves
Solo Male 5 mileSolo MaleJordan Schlautman-Sudik
Solo Male 50 mileSolo MaleDoug Deden
Solo Male 50 mileSolo MaleKevin Riessland