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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleAnn Bender
Solo Female 12 mileSolo Femalehelen meyer
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleStacia Mumm
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleLexy Quandt
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleSydney Rhamy
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleJenni Richards
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleKrista Rosentreader
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleGina Schmidt
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleRachel Warne
Solo Female 12 mileSolo FemaleKatie Williams
Solo Female 18 mileSolo FemaleTabitha Campbell
Solo Female 18 mileSolo FemaleAngie Cerny
Solo Female 18 mileSolo FemaleDeana Hilliard
Solo Female 18 mileSolo FemaleBarbara Swenson
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleAmy Coon
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleSarah Kovar
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleCortney Mahony
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleErin Sanfilippo
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleJennifer Schappert
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleAmelia Squires
Solo Female 6 mileSolo FemaleTonia Wasser
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleDoug chos
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleJeff Jensen
Solo Male 12 mileSolo MaleWilliam Lauer
Solo Male 18 mileSolo MaleChristopher Hall
Solo Male 18 mileSolo MaleChris Hilliard
Solo Male 18 mileSolo MaleNathan Swenson
Solo Male 18 mileSolo Malebrady West
Solo Male 18 mileSolo MaleJohn Wrobel
Solo Male 18 mileSolo MaleDustin Zabokrtsky
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleAaron Gilson
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleJeff Lintel
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleMatt Nelson
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleRobert Tellgren
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleRobert Vojslavek
Solo Male 6 mileSolo MaleTony Vojslavek