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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
1 mile run/walkAdultBridget DeLeo
1 mile run/walkAdultMark DeLeo
1 mile run/walkAdultJoe LaPuzza
1 mile run/walkAdultPatty Rasmussen
1 mile run/walkAdultCheryl Rau
1 mile run/walkAdultJoy Whitlock
1 mile run/walkChild/StudentMolly Michalek
1 mile run/walkChild/StudentKatie Rau
1 mile run/walkChild/StudentAlly Sargus
1 mile run/walkChild/StudentRachel Whitlock
5k run/walkAdultWilliam Bixler
5k run/walkAdultTyler Buglewicz
5k run/walkAdultNicole Evans
5k run/walkAdultDenise Hicks
5k run/walkAdultKelly Keller
5k run/walkAdultJami Pelt
5k run/walkAdultChris Rau
5k run/walkAdultMartin Rau
5k run/walkAdultDebbie Stengel
5k run/walkAdultSara Warner
5k run/walkChild/StudentHaley DeWitt
5k run/walkChild/StudentMorgan Guard
5k run/walkChild/StudentJulia Harker
5k run/walkChild/StudentRiley Lampman
5k run/walkChild/StudentKristin Mackeprang
5k run/walkChild/StudentTori Stengel
5k run/walkChild/StudentSarah Wilkening
5k run/walkChild/StudentLauren HolmesLauren Holmes