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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)Lance Buscher
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)Kadin Lane
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)Garret McGahan
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)Abbey O'Brien
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)Ian Saylor
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)Dirt MilitiaElise Choquette
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)Midwest Cycling -Trek StoresCollin Kotz
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)Midwest Cycling -Trek StoresDillon McNeill
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)The Wild HaresEddie Easton
Rotating ParksDEVO Dirt Militia (racing team)TREK OMAHACole Limpach
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Evie Barr
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Claire Burton
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Corinne Burton
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Emmett Buss
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Roch Emanuel
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)D Gersib
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Espen Goodmanson
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Jamison Hoffman
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Taylor Jarrett
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Robert Myers
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Levi sherman
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Luis Sorensen
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Josie Suing
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Elliot Suing
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Jack Woll
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)DEVOKatharina Storch
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)DEVOMarlee Storch
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)DEVOCole Storch
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Midwest Cycling -Trek StoresKaylie McNeill
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Maggie Barr
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Betsy Barr
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Eric Flores
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Payton Johnson
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Kate O'Brien
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Cade Suing
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)DEVOethan kenoyer
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)DEVOASHTYN LIMPACH
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)DEVOHunter Rich
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)DevoHaley Rich
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)DEVOJude Storch
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)DEVODane Storch
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Devo Dirt MilitiaJack Hinsley
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Charlie Beighley
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Shane Beltz
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Hunter Benning
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Kayla Bjork
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Jackson Brandenburg
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Ellery Chaplin
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Mason Chaplin
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)CARSON GABRIEL
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Keagan Hansen
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Paddy Keenan
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Michael Ludden
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Logan Moseley
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Joey Pacer
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Cole Pacer
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Jude Ramsey
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Adam Sucha
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & under)Omaha DevoZoe Vinson
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Luke Alter
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Zack Brandt
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Naomi Choquette
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Colin Colabello
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Sophia Colabello
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Ella Dall
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Sydney Dickerson
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Ethan Dickerson
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Emily Gibson
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Campbell Haasch
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Caleb Haney
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Tyson Heimes
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Sydney Kotz
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Colton McGahan
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Owen McGrath
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Will Ramsey
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Macie Smith
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Matt Stursma
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Luke Stursma
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Meghan Taylor
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)ELLA VRASPIR
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Omaha Devo Dirt MilitiaCameron Horner
Tranquility Park - OmahaU19 (Ages 15-19)Lane Brandt