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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
100 mileIndividualMatthew Baroni
100 mileIndividualBeth Bartels
100 mileIndividualMike Bartels
100 mileIndividualEric Pinkall
100 mileIndividualAmy CollisonAmy Collison
100 mileIndividualKAOSMark Sullivan
100 mileIndividualMidwest Cycling -Trek StoresKent McNeill
100 mileIndividualThe Wild HaresRandy Akers
25 mileIndividualJODI GABRIEL
25 mileIndividualTodd Nichols
25 mileIndividualRaenelle Price
25 mileIndividualJeffrey Saylors
25 mileIndividualRichard Sorensen
25 mileIndividualJanet Sorensen
50 mileIndividualShawna Butler
50 mileIndividualNicholas Butler
50 mileIndividualJean Kieffe
50 mileIndividualMichael Merritt
50 mileIndividualDavid Scott
50 mileIndividualDundee Chain GangKerry Kelley
50 mileIndividualDundee Chain GangCraig Kelley
75 mileIndividualLisa Pietsch
75 mileIndividualWalter Whited