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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Solo Female 1 mileReese Borer
Solo Female 1 mileRya Borer
Solo Female 1 mileLauren Borer
Solo Female 1 mileMichelle Bulin
Solo Female 1 mileNorma Houfek
Solo Female 1 milekate Osterhaus
Solo Female 3 mileBrianna Bauwens
Solo Female 3 mileLori Borer
Solo Female 3 mileJocelyn Golden
Solo Female 3 mileSherry Grout
Solo Female 3 mileSue Krogman
Solo Female 3 mileLori Swallow
Solo Female 3 mileJoyce Tontegode
Solo Female 3 mileTonia Wasser
Solo Female 6 mileLexy Quandt
Solo Male1 mileDoug Borer
Solo Male1 mileJamison Hoffman
Solo Male3 mileGreg Boettger
Solo Male3 mileBrian Golden
Solo Male3 mileClay McPeak
Solo Male3 mileVince Swallow
Solo Male3 mileScott Tontegode
Solo Male3 mileChris Wasser