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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Female12 mile FemaleTabitha Campbell
Female12 mile FemaleHollyanne Fricke
Female12 mile FemaleLindsay Garlock
Female12 mile FemaleLori Leonard
Female12 mile FemaleKaci Lickteig
Female12 mile FemaleDi Liska
Female12 mile FemaleAmy McGaha
Female12 mile FemaleJenni Richards
Female12 mile FemaleTara Thelen
Female3 mile FemaleJocelyn Golden
Female3 mile FemaleMelanie Mangers
Female3 mile FemaleBeth McVeigh
Female3 mile FemaleChristina Sabin
Female6 mile FemaleAlyssa Damke
Female6 mile FemaleMichelle Graft
Female6 mile FemaleNiki Henkel
Female6 mile FemaleHeather Jenneman
Male12 mile Male Paul Breitkreutz
Male12 mile Male Kevin Cleary
Male12 mile Male Ryan Garlock
Male12 mile Male Mark Goodman
Male12 mile Male Bill Lauer
Male12 mile Male Theo Lyotard
Male12 mile Male Scott McGaha
Male12 mile Male Miguel Ordorica
Male12 mile Male Brandon Skocz
Male12 mile Male Craig Wagner
Male12 mile Male Matt Wermuth
Male12 mile Male Leeeroy JenkinssssLogan Kampsnider
Male12 mile Male LRC Racing TrailBrian Wandzilak
Male12 mile Male Team NebraskaTodd Nott
Male3 mile MaleBrian Golden
Male3 mile MaleJamison Hoffman
Male6 mile MaleChris Bogus
Male6 mile Malecarl franklin
Male6 mile MaleAdam Gentzler
Male6 mile MaleJeffrey Lee
Male6 mile MaleSteve Mossman
Male6 mile MaleJason Schmaderer
Male6 mile MaleRick Shever
Male6 mile MaleJohn Skretta
Male6 mile Maletom woods
Male6 mile MaleGary Zoucha
Male6 mile MalePink BandanaJeremy Stanislav
Male6 mile MaleTontegodesscott Tontegode