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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Solo Female10 mileAmanda Baker
Solo Female10 mileLindsay Garlock
Solo Female10 milePriya Maillacheruvu
Solo Female10 mileAlyssa Malley
Solo Female10 mileSusan Sisel
Solo Female5 MileNicole Barker
Solo Female5 MileKate Lingscheit
Solo Female5 MileMelissa Weber-Arnold
Solo Female50Kdeb eastman
Solo Female50KJennifer Eloge
Solo Female50KLori Leonard
Solo Female50KKaci Lickteig
Solo Female50KSydney Rhamy
Solo Female50KJana Voracekjana Voracek
Solo Male10 mileJosh Aldridge
Solo Male10 mileRyan Garlock
Solo Male10 mileLucas Jung
Solo Male10 mileAdam Kahle
Solo Male10 mileJohn Norman
Solo Male10 mileGrant Siekman
Solo Male10 mileScott Tontegode
Solo Male5 MileTravis Arnold
Solo Male5 MileBlake Baker
Solo Male5 MileJosh Barker
Solo Male5 MileBrad Okamoto
Solo Male50KWilliam Lauer
Solo Male50KMark Nygaard
Solo Male50KMiguel Ordorica
Solo Male50KHawkeDJ Hawke
Solo Male50KTodd NottTodd Nott