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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
15 MileMountain BikeIsabel Berry
15 MileMountain BikePatrick Goracke
15 MileMountain BikeSean Minahan
15 MileMountain BikeBike MastersBrian Hromas
15 MileMountain BikeBike MastersDavid Marson
15 MileMountain BikeCROM.MOBIAllan Hull
15 MileMountain BikeWaderWade Petray
35 MileCross BikeMichael Blessing
35 MileCross BikeJohn Green
35 MileCross BikeEric Jacobs
35 MileCross BikeKristin Kleve
35 MileCross BikeMark Rolfsmeyer
35 MileCross BikeBike MastersDavid Neef
35 MileCross BikeBikemasters Linda Stevens
35 MileCross BikeLincoln AbrahamsTony Black
35 MileCross BikeLincoln AbrahamsEric Vacek
35 MileCross BikeMonkey WrenchEd Opp
35 MileCross Bikethe bike wayperry morris
35 MileFatbikeJerry Badders
35 MileFatbikeRudyPhil Rudebusch
35 MileMountain BikeEarl Burns
35 MileMountain Bikecarl franklin
35 MileMountain BikeChris Spargen
35 MileMountain BikeEmil Swanson
35 MileMountain BikeBike MastersPaul Neuberger
35 MileMountain BikeThe Bike WayMichael McColgan
35 MileMountain BikeThe Bike WayBrad Znamenacek