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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
12 mileFemaleHollyanne Fricke
12 mileFemaleSydney Rhamy
12 mileFemaleJenni Richards
12 mileMaleKevin Cleary
12 mileMaleTontegodesScott Tontegode
18 mileFemaleDeb Eastman
18 mileFemaleJana Voracek
18 mileMaleSimeon Bukacek
18 mileMaleRyan Jensen
18 mileMaleJohn Schoneweis
6 mileFemalecindy dittmer
6 mileFemaleLynette Exum
6 mileFemaleRobyn Gonzales
6 mileFemaleTammie Holley
6 mileFemaleCaitlin Ohnoutka
6 mileFemaleBarb Ohnoutka
6 mileFemaleJaclyn Smith
6 mileMalejason kaiser
6 mileMaleBrad Okamoto
6 mileMaleWilliam Stolzenburg