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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
1 Mile FemaleNikki Buel
1 Mile FemaleSeona Clemens
1 Mile FemaleHeather Clemens
1 Mile FemaleAllannah Glover
1 Mile FemaleGin H
1 Mile FemaleChris Jansen
1 Mile FemaleKate Osterhaus
1 Mile FemaleWendy VanSkiver
1 Mile FemaleTeamJurgensRebecca Jurgens
1 Mile Male Mason Jansen
1 Mile Male Hayden Jansen
1 Mile Male Craig Jansen
1 Mile Male Cooper Osterhaus
1 Mile Male Maddox VanSkiver
1 Mile Male Rex VanSkiver
1 Mile Male Mark VanSkiver
1 Mile Male TeamJurgensHunter Jurgens
1 Mile Male TeamJurgensHudson Jurgens
1 Mile Male TeamJurgensJim Jurgens
3 MileFemaleCarie Bruss
3 MileFemaleKay Buel
3 MileFemaleJody Buhr
3 MileFemaleMelissa James
3 MileFemaleAndrea Kvasnicka
3 MileFemaleMarie Villa
3 MileMale Eric Villa
3 MileMale Ean Villa
5 MileFemalePatricia Lant
5 MileFemaleKimberly McSheehy
5 MileMale Mark Simonson