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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Female12 MileBrittany Fett
Female12 MileLindsay Garlock
Female12 MileMichelle Graft
Female12 MileNora Peterson
Female12 MileAnchalee Sjoberg
Female12 MileDenise Teahon Peter
Female3 MileBecky Grant
Female3 MileMiranda Kliment
Female3 MileAlisia LaMay
Female3 MileKristi Medjo
Female3 MilePenny Mooney
Female3 MileCindy Shaw
Female6 MileNicole Barker
Female6 Milecindy dittmer
Female6 MileEugena Foster
Female6 MileRobyn Gonzales
Female6 MileAngela Haskell
Female6 MileTammie Holley
Female6 MileJan McNally
Female6 MileCatherine Nixon
Female6 MileTontegodesJoyce Tontegode
Male12 MileJosh Barker
Male12 MileRyan Garlock
Male12 MileTom McLaughlin
Male12 MileTravis Sjoberg
Male12 MileNathan Swenson
Male12 MileScott Tontegode
Male12 MileParentsCraig Wagner
Male12 Milesimeon bukaceksimeon bukacek
Male3 MileJamison Hoffman
Male3 MileBrad LaMay
Male3 MileKen Nitzel
Male6 Milelucas jung
Male6 MileSteve Mossman
Male6 MileKevin Murray
Male6 MileBrad Okamoto
Male6 MileWilliam Stolzenburg