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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
CAT 2 (Intermediate)Cat 2 Men Masters 35+Michael Loll
CAT 2 (Intermediate)Cat 2 Men Masters 35+Team Type 1 Roy Kotz
CAT 2 (Intermediate)Cat 2 Men Masters 35+WCMjim wieland
CAT 2 (Intermediate)Cat 2 Men Masters 35+wcmjohn wieland
CAT 2 (Intermediate)Cat 2 Men Masters 45+Midwest Cycling -Trek StoresMark Butler
CAT 2 (Intermediate)Cat 2 Men OpenJason Ott
CAT 2 (Intermediate)Cat 2 Men OpenJeff Roller
CAT 2 (Intermediate)Cat 2 Men OpenFlatwater CyclingRobert Vineyard
CAT 2 (Intermediate)SinglespeedKiewit / Green Street / ORR SafetyAllen Myers
CAT 3 (Beginner)Cat 3 Men Masters 35+Chad Hoff
CAT 3 (Beginner)Cat 3 Men Masters 35+Todd Sanning
CAT 3 (Beginner)Cat 3 Men Masters 35+The Bike WayErik Zingler
CAT 3 (Beginner)Cat 3 Men Masters 45+joyrideJohn Dean
CAT 3 (Beginner)Cat 3 Men OpenJason Adams
CAT 3 (Beginner)Cat 3 Men OpenDevin Bethune
CAT 3 (Beginner)Cat 3 Men Openmiller cambridge
CAT 3 (Beginner)Cat 3 Men OpenAlbrecht CycleDon Andersen
CAT 3 (Beginner)Cat 3 Men OpenThe Bike WayMichael McColgan
CAT 3 (Beginner)First Timerjanan felts
CAT 3 (Beginner)First TimerDavid Goldberg
CAT 3 (Beginner)First TimerKaleb Porter
CAT 3 (Beginner)First TimerZac Robbins
CAT 3 (Beginner)First TimerJake Saddler
JuniorsJunior Men 10-12Hayden Loll
JuniorsJunior Men 13-15baker cambridge
JuniorsJunior Men 13-15Cycle Works/ Mooses ToothJack Mensinger
JuniorsJunior Men 16-18Ben Cork
MarathonMarathon- will be grouped with Cat 2Flatwater Cycling TeamKevin Murray