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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
10 MileFemaleBrittany Fett
10 MileFemaleJean Gill
10 MileFemaleStacy Holtzen
10 MileFemaleJessica Hydo
10 MileFemaleDarla Pfeifer
10 MileFemaleShe & Me Sydney Holtmeier
10 MileFemaleShe & Me Chelsea Tietjen
10 MileMaleJosh Barker
10 MileMaleJeff Jensen
10 MileMaleSteve Mossman
10 MileMaleRick Seamann
10 MileMaleScott Swanson
25 MileFemaleElizabeth Burger
25 MileFemaleTeam Nebraska Jennifer Freeman
25 MileMaleGregory Burger
25 MileMaleJohn Lefever
25 MileMaleJohn Skretta
25 MileMaleGary Wasserman
5 MileFemaleLinda Bargar
5 MileFemaleNicole Barker
5 MileFemalePatricia Barthelman
5 MileFemaleSamantha Cedillo
5 MileFemaleSallie Pfeifer
5 MileFemaleJoyce Tontegode
5 MileMaleJamison Hoffman
5 MileMaleKen Nitzel
5 MileMaleWilliam Stolzenburg
5 MileMaleScott Tontegode
50 MileFemaleJenni Richards
50 MileFemaleAshley Schurman
50 MileMalewilliam eads
50 MileMaleCarlos Rodriguez
50 MileMalejohn spencer
50 MileMaleTrail NebraskaCory Logsdon