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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Frontiersman/Woman CourseFemaleCarolyn Gehling
Frontiersman/Woman CourseFemaleEmily Glenn
Frontiersman/Woman CourseFemaleCaryn Kusleika
Frontiersman/Woman CourseFemaleAnne Neumann
Frontiersman/Woman CourseFemaleTherese Slechta
Frontiersman/Woman CourseFemaleAmy McGahaAmy McGaha
Frontiersman/Woman CourseMaleBruce Barnhart
Frontiersman/Woman CourseMaleJohn Corrado
Frontiersman/Woman CourseMaleChad Hanthorn
Frontiersman/Woman CourseMaleScott McGahaScott McGaha
Frontiersman/Woman CourseMaleTontegodesScott Tontegode
Scout CourseFemaleErin Colonna
Scout CourseFemaleJami Knerl
Scout CourseFemaleAnna Owen
Scout CourseFemaleAdventure WenchesSheri Pfeil
Scout CourseFemaleTontegodesJoyce Tontegode
Scout CourseMaleBrock Castinado
Scout CourseMaleJamison Hoffman
Scout CourseMaleAxel Neumann
Scout CourseMaleRyan Slechta
Scout CourseMaleMax PowerLuke Nebel
Scout CourseMaleMax PowerMichael Nebel