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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
4 Hour2 Person CoedTeam Barbley!!Brandon Barber
4 Hour2 Person CoedTeam Barbley!!Sonia Barber
4 Hour2 person FemaleCCsJamie Bachmann
4 Hour2 person FemaleCCsRebekah Jessen
4 Hour2 person Femalethe Blazing Baboons Tara Dorenkamp
4 Hour2 person Femalethe Blazing Baboons Nicole Reinhardt
4 Hour2 person FemaleTrue NorthTammie Holley
4 Hour2 person FemaleTrue NorthBarb Ohnoutka
4 Hour2 person FemaleWest PointLauren Pedersen
4 Hour2 person FemaleWest PointCarly Salak
4 Hour2 Person MaleBone Doc SaintsTrent Maly
4 Hour2 Person MaleBone Doc SaintsEric Timperley
4 Hour2 Person MaleMighty OaksBrent Marr
4 Hour2 Person MaleMighty OaksMichael Walczyk
8 Hour2 Person FemaleMakin' TracksTheresa Homan
8 Hour2 Person FemaleMakin' TracksSusan Sisel
8 Hour2 Person MaleMike schwab
8 Hour2 Person MaleJosh Weber
8 Hour2 Person MaleWithout A PaddleRichard Anderson
8 Hour2 Person MaleWithout A PaddleJordan Tuma
8 Hour3 Person MaleKavorkaSean Minahan
8 Hour3 Person MaleKavorkaAndrew Schmidt
8 Hour3 Person MaleKavorkaMike Wisnieski
8 HourSolo MaleFalcon Punch Thunder DadsJustin Tallmon