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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
FemaleFemale 12 mileElizabeth Burger
FemaleFemale 12 mileAnalisa Colglazier
FemaleFemale 12 mileKarla Labenz
FemaleFemale 12 mileLori Leonard
FemaleFemale 12 mileKatja Sebestyen
FemaleFemale 3 mileMichelle Bucher-Brady
FemaleFemale 3 mileLynette Exum
FemaleFemale 3 mileKaitlin Freyermuth
FemaleFemale 3 milePatty Mattson
FemaleFemale 3 mileKylee Uden
FemaleFemale 6 mileNicole Barker
FemaleFemale 6 mileDonna Bernhardt
FemaleFemale 6 mileAmy Cole
FemaleFemale 6 milecindy dittmer
FemaleFemale 6 mileBetsy Gruber
FemaleFemale 6 mileZeljka Hassler
FemaleFemale 6 mileJessica Heidebrecht
FemaleFemale 6 mileAudra Hitz
FemaleFemale 6 mileMelissa Mroczek
FemaleFemale 6 mileshelly Park
FemaleFemale 6 mileNora Peterson
FemaleFemale 6 mileJulie Singh
FemaleFemale 6 mileBarbara Swenson
Male Male 12 mileGreg Burger
Male Male 12 mileBrian Detweiler
Male Male 12 mileNick Eitzmann
Male Male 12 mileNick Eitzmann
Male Male 12 mileWilliam Gasper
Male Male 12 mileBrian Labenz
Male Male 12 mileRon Larson
Male Male 12 mileJeff Porter
Male Male 12 mileNathan Swenson
Male Male 12 mileLost BoyzJosh Barker
Male Male 3 mileJohn Faz
Male Male 3 mileJason Kaiser
Male Male 6 mileGreg Hernandez
Male Male 6 mileSteve Mossman
Male Male 6 mileDoug Nitzel
Male Male 6 mileMike Park
Male Male 6 mileWilliam Stolzenburg