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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
12 Mile FemaleFemaleNicole Kuehn
12 Mile FemaleFemaleKarla Labenz
12 Mile FemaleFemaleLori Leonard
12 Mile FemaleFemalePeg Pearson
12 Mile FemaleFemaleSarah Schulte
12 Mile FemaleFemaleKatja Sebestyen
12 Mile FemaleFemaleSarah Thomas
12 Mile MaleMaleJosh Barker
12 Mile MaleMaleNick Eitzmann
12 Mile MaleMaleNick Eitzmann
12 Mile MaleMaleNick Eitzmann
12 Mile MaleMaleBrian Labenz
12 Mile MaleMaleRon Larson
12 Mile MaleMaleKyle Rowl
12 Mile MaleMaleNathan Swenson
12 Mile MaleMaleCraig Wagner
3 Mile FemaleFemalealyssa damke
3 Mile FemaleFemaleOlivia Eitzmann
3 Mile FemaleFemaleOlivia Eitzmann
3 Mile FemaleFemaleOlivia Eitzmann
3 Mile FemaleFemaleKim Franzen
3 Mile FemaleFemalejanean griffith
3 Mile FemaleFemaleTennille Houston
3 Mile FemaleFemaleEmma Labenz
3 Mile FemaleFemaleLisa Lopez
3 Mile FemaleFemaleTandee Masco
3 Mile FemaleFemaleBrianna McPeak
3 Mile FemaleFemaleJennifer Peters
3 Mile FemaleFemaleAshley Pfeifer
3 Mile FemaleFemaleSnow CowsEmily Draqze
3 Mile FemaleFemaleSnow CowsLacey Sabatka
3 Mile FemaleFemaleSnow CowsConnie Wells
3 Mile MaleMaleChris Bogus
3 Mile MaleMaleJeff Lee
3 Mile MaleMaleClay McPeak
3 Mile MaleMaleSteve Peters
3 Mile MaleMaleMatthew Tollefson
6 Mile FemaleFemaleNicole Barker
6 Mile FemaleFemaleTabitha Campbell
6 Mile FemaleFemaleMelissa Coen
6 Mile FemaleFemaleAmy Cole
6 Mile FemaleFemalemerissa Didrickson
6 Mile FemaleFemaleAudra Hitz
6 Mile FemaleFemaleErin Keller
6 Mile FemaleFemaleBridget McDow
6 Mile FemaleFemaleKristy Miller
6 Mile FemaleFemaleMANDY MONSON
6 Mile FemaleFemaleValerie Morris
6 Mile FemaleFemalechristina schmersal
6 Mile FemaleFemaleMary Sinclair
6 Mile FemaleFemaleDianne Wallace
6 Mile MaleMaleColin Keller
6 Mile MaleMaleKyle Mahlin