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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Female10 MileDana Cumberland
Female10 MileAmy Divis
Female10 MileJean Gill
Female10 MileLindsey Herron
Female10 MileBridget McDow
Female10 MileDarla Pfeifer
Female10 MileJessica Prusa Flores
Female10 MileAngela Thiel
Female10 MileSidney VanDyke-Ries
Female10 MileBig MuddyJerri Campbell
Female5 mileMartha Easter
Female5 mileOlivia Eitzmann
Female5 mileJennifer Holt
Female5 mileAriana Kennedy
Female5 mileAngie Shaw
Female5 mileKristi Thornton
Female50KAmy McGaha
Male10 MileNick Eitzmann
Male10 MileGreg Gray
Male10 MileGreg Hernandez
Male10 MileGreg Lant
Male10 MileSteve Mossman
Male10 MileNathan Swenson
Male10 MileBig MuddyDoug Deden
Male10 MileLost BoyzJosh Barker
Male5 MileWayne Divis
Male50KKenneth Hamilton
Male50KTravis Jewell
Male50KBill Lauer
Male50KDustin Zabokrtsky