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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Long Course2-Person CoedAngry Cow AdventurtesJim Craig
Long Course2-Person CoedAngry Cow AdventurtesPatricia Kramer
Long Course2-Person CoedGearJunkie/WEDALI 2Kelly Brinkman
Long Course2-Person CoedGearJunkie/WEDALI 2Tom Puzak
Long Course2-Person CoedNorthmenMatthew Gray
Long Course2-Person CoedNorthmenAlyssum Roe
Long Course2-Person CoedOff Road RageBen Woolsoncroft
Long Course2-Person CoedOff Road RageTiara Woolsoncroft-Adams
Long Course2-Person CoedRugged Ascent Adventure RacingLynna Banach
Long Course2-Person CoedRugged Ascent Adventure RacingBrett Muratori
Long Course2-Person FemaleBoom Boom PowJeri Lewis
Long Course2-Person FemaleBoom Boom PowStacey Rybar
Long Course2-Person MaleBone Doc SaintsTrent Maly
Long Course2-Person MaleBone Doc SaintsEric Timperley
Long Course2-Person MaleLandmark Group Endruance TeamJosh Kahrs
Long Course2-Person MaleLandmark Group Endruance TeamDavid Paladino
Long Course2-Person MaleNorthmenRyan Anderson
Long Course2-Person MaleNorthmenJosiah Veurink
Long Course2-Person MaleOrange LederhosenDerrick Boos
Long Course2-Person MaleOrange LederhosenSpecial K
Long Course3-Person CoedChief Swats FliesBob Burnett
Long Course3-Person CoedChief Swats FliesJackie Haan
Long Course3-Person CoedChief Swats FliesJoe Haan
Long Course3-Person CoedGearJunkie/WEDALIJustin Bakken
Long Course3-Person CoedGearJunkie/WEDALIAndrei Karpov
Long Course3-Person CoedGearJunkie/WEDALIMolly Moilanen
Long Course3-Person CoedTeam L.A. Bryan Davis
Long Course3-Person CoedTeam L.A. Christine Davisson
Long Course3-Person CoedTeam L.A. Charmion Harris
Long Course3-Person MaleThree Blind MiceJim Easton
Long Course3-Person MaleThree Blind MiceJeff Johnton
Long Course3-Person MaleThree Blind MiceChris Peterson
Long CourseSolo MaleAvid EnduranceJason Bogner
Long CourseSolo MaleI like that Boom Boom PowJerry Badders
Long CourseSolo MaleJAYALJay Bullock
Long CourseSolo Maleshould've known betterBrian Kerl
Short Course2-Person CoedBroke for GoingJohn Hejkal
Short Course2-Person CoedBroke for GoingKatherine Kolega
Short Course2-Person CoedOutback AdventureBill Bell
Short Course2-Person CoedOutback AdventureTheresa Homan
Short Course2-Person CoedZ and ZStacy Zoucha
Short Course2-Person CoedZ and ZGary Zoucha
Short Course2-Person FemaleClouds Are PrettyAshley Frear Cooper
Short Course2-Person FemaleClouds Are PrettyTina Rohrs
Short Course2-Person MaleHanson Bros.Ted Lowndes
Short Course2-Person MaleHanson Bros.Todd Sanning