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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
2 mile run/walkOpenMarilyn Johnson
2 mile run/walkOpenTammy Walter
4 mile runOpenPenny Befort
4 mile runOpenScott Befort
4 mile runOpenAngie Blacketer
4 mile runOpenTracy Callahan
4 mile runOpenPatty Clausen
4 mile runOpenKerri Hiatt
4 mile runOpenKristi Hulse
4 mile runOpenNicole Johnson
4 mile runOpenAndrew Kaye-Skinner
4 mile runOpenAlison Meyer
4 mile runOpenJake Meyer
4 mile runOpenCurt Meyer
4 mile runOpenbryan schmitz
4 mile runOpenJason Stanger
4 mile runOpenJoyce Tontegode
4 mile runOpenJenny Unruh
4 mile runOpenKelli Yost
4 mile runOpenDeep BurnDillon Dittmer
4 mile runOpenTeam StehlikTerry Stehlik
8 mile runOpenJerry Badders
8 mile runOpenKyle Bantz
8 mile runOpenReggie Bollinger
8 mile runOpenMike Borland
8 mile runOpenKaren Green
8 mile runOpenMichelle Johnson
8 mile runOpenDavid Kohrell
8 mile runOpenTherese Liegl
8 mile runOpenKathryn Merrill
8 mile runOpenMorgan Merrill
8 mile runOpenCliff Miles
8 mile runOpenBrad Oldfield
8 mile runOpenGeorge Russell
8 mile runOpenScott Tontegode
8 mile runOpenDerek Wakefield
8 mile runOpenRyan Wakefield
8 mile runOpenDeep BurnCassandra Dittmer