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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Long CourseMenRob Bauer
Long CourseMenAndrew Brown
Long CourseMenLee Cordell
Long CourseMenGray Derrick
Long CourseMenJesse Hall
Long CourseMenThomas Jones
Long CourseMenKevin Kerrigan
Long CourseMenNickolas Kramer
Long CourseMenwilliam newton
Long CourseMenJames Piittmann
Long CourseMenBrenton Pyle
Long CourseMenTodd Sanning
Long CourseMenShaun Satterfield
Long CourseMenJohn Tripp
Long CourseMenRyan Wakefield
Long CourseMenDerek Wakefield
Long CourseMenNdorfnz RacingScott Giddings
Long CourseMenNdorfnz RacingTim McGargill
Long CourseMenNdorfnz RacingSteve Scoville
Long CourseWomenAlison Britt
Long CourseWomenTracy Emrich
Long CourseWomenKelly Gering
Long CourseWomenMelissa Hall
Long CourseWomenLori Harding
Long CourseWomenCASEY HURNER
Long CourseWomenLinda Kelsey
Long CourseWomenMolly Koehler
Long CourseWomenJennifer Manhart
Long CourseWomenKatie Sharp
Long CourseWomenAmanda Vollmer
Long CourseWomenBall-less and FlawlessStephanie Hankins
Long CourseWomenJust ChillinBeth Dawson