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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Taelynn Grady
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)Sydney Kotz
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)BarrflyBetsy Barr
Swanson Park - BellevueU10 (Ages 9 & under)BarrflyMaggie Barr
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Carson Ashburn
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Tyler Grady
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Collin Kotz
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Christina Lee
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Andy Lee
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Abbey O'Brien
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Nickolas Quintanilla
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)D Vincentini
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Midwest Cycling -Trek StoresScott Kintner
Swanson Park - BellevueU14 (Ages 10-14)Midwest Cycling -Trek StoresDillon McNeill
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & Under)Colin Colabello
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & Under)Bodey Sanning
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & Under)James Skolaut
Tranquility Park - OmahaU10 (Ages 9 & Under)Brody Wigdahl
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Jack Ferguson
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Allison Harris
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Anna Harris
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Ashleigh Madsen
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Christian Madsen
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Kaylee Rinehart
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Ethan Siebert
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Midwest Cycling - Trek StoresGabriel Gilinsky
Tranquility Park - OmahaU14 (Ages 10-14)Midwest Cycling - Trek StoresSimon Gilnsky