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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
13 Mile13 Mile FemaleTracy Callahan
13 Mile13 Mile FemaleLisa Dempsey
13 Mile13 Mile FemaleRichelle Hall
13 Mile13 Mile FemaleTonya Huseman
13 Mile13 Mile FemaleLiane Zivitski
13 Mile13 Mile FemaleTeam RuhsBobbie Ruhs
13 Mile13 Mile MaleAdama Anderson
13 Mile13 Mile Malebill colbert
13 Mile13 Mile MaleAaron Harris
13 Mile13 Mile MaleGreg Hernandez
13 Mile13 Mile MaleMark Kellogg
13 Mile13 Mile Maleivan marsh
13 Mile13 Mile MaleBrandon McAllister
13 Mile13 Mile MaleGalen Meysenburg
13 Mile13 Mile MaleJeff Murray
13 Mile13 Mile MaleMiguel Ordorica
13 Mile13 Mile MaleChris Richards
13 Mile13 Mile MaleGoatzWill Turner
13 Mile13 Mile MaleRunning RiotMark Treadway
13 Mile13 Mile MaleTeam RuhsRon Ruhs
3 Mile 3 Mile FemaleTiffany Sheets
3 Mile 3 Mile FemaleMichelle Sullivan
3 Mile 3 Mile FemaleMisty Trumble
3 Mile 3 Mile FemaleAmber Vanderwoude
3 Mile 3 Mile FemaleStacy Wick
3 Mile 3 Mile Malemarvin brees
3 Mile 3 Mile Malethom carson
6 mile6 mile FemaleKate Collins
6 mile6 mile FemaleAmy Divis
6 mile6 mile FemaleLeah Eiting
6 mile6 mile FemaleToni England
6 mile6 mile FemaleJenni Richards
6 mile6 mile MaleJohn Cejka
6 mile6 mile MalePatrick Collins
6 mile6 mile MaleWayne Divis
6 mile6 mile MaleRob Martin
6 mile6 mile MaleBill MooreBill Moore