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course/categorydivisionteamentrant name
FemaleFemale Deb Bahr
FemaleFemaleAmanda Barrett
FemaleFemaleSarah Bredthauer
FemaleFemale Crystal Day
FemaleFemale Baylie Day
FemaleFemaleAndi Hallgren
FemaleFemaleTonya Huseman
FemaleFemaleDiana Liska
FemaleFemale Darla Pfeifer
FemaleFemale Elisabeth Pflanz
FemaleFemaleJill Scott
FemaleFemaleElizabeth Wallace
FemaleFemale Sandy Weyers
FemaleFemale Team BozarthTheresa Bozarth
FemaleFemale Women Who TriCarol Campbell
MaleMaleMichael Berry
MaleMaleGuy Boden
MaleMaleScott Giddings
MaleMaleJason Holsten
MaleMaleScott McGaha
MaleMaleClark Potter
MaleMaleDennis Rieke
MaleMaleWill Turner
MaleMaleDave Wagner
MaleMaleTeam BozarthMark Bozarth