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What is the deadline for registration?
Registration closes on Wednesday, June 2.  No penalty for waiting until the last minute, but it will sure make our lives MUCH easier if you register sooner rather than later.  (hint, hint)


How far will I be running/biking? What kind of shape do I need to be in?
The long course will be about 4-6 hours and the short course will be about 2-3 hours. This is an endurance event, not a sprint. Your team can pace yourselves according to your fitness level. Find the pace that allows for the most FUN! Your main source of transportation will be bike, but teams will spend a fair amount of time off their bikes, too. There won't be any straight 5K type runs. The great thing about adventure racing is that you don't spend a lot of time doing one particular thing for long. And don't forget that you will be spending a fair amount of time stopped checking the map, reading directions, contemplating your strategy.

Where are we going?
Part of the adventure is not knowing what is going to happen next! We could tell you, but what's the fun in that?

Do all team members do all events?
Yes, your team is required to do everything together, unless the instructions for a particular team challenge instruct otherwise. All 3 team members are required to stay within 50 feet of each other at all times, and you must cross the finish line together. If you don't like your teammates to start with, it's gonna be a long day.


Can my kids do this?

The minumum age for participation is 14, and only with at least one adult on the team.  Ages 18 and up can participate without restriction.

Are the streets going to be closed?
No. This is a totally open course, and all traffic regulations and laws of human civility must be followed at all times. You will be encountering your fellow citizens big and small, two legged, four legged, walking, being pushed in a stroller, or driving (possibly while eating breakfast and texting at the same time). They may not be watching out for you, so please watch out for them. In short: Be careful, and be NICE!

What do you mean by climbing? Like a tree?
Hmmm, not a tree, but that's not a bad idea. Let's just say that the climbing you'll be doing won't require any special equipment.

Paddling? Do I need a paddle?
All gear and safety equipment (including life jackets) for any water challenge will be provided for you. Remember, getting wet is part of the adventure!

What kind of bike can I use?
Any bicycle may be used, as long as the tires are at least 1.25 inches wide. No road racing bikes with skinny tires allowed. Yes, we will be prepared to measure, so don't even think about it. Helmets are required. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Does my team really need all of that required equipment?
Yes. Teams need to be completely self sufficient on the course. There will not be on-course support to assist with mechanical problems. (In other words, now would be the time to give your bike the once over.) Multiple flat tires can happen, so prepare accordingly! There will not be designated aid stations with water and food, so make sure that you plan ahead based on your ability, your personal needs and the weather. There will be medical personnel available during the race incase of minor injuries.

What happens if we need to change my team roster after we have registered?
As long as we have everyone's payment and everyone waivers, we are good. If your team changes to/from co-ed, we will need to know that.

What happens if we can't participate on race day? Can we get a refund?

Bummer, and no, all entry fees are non-refundable. This is standard with most events.

Please? Um, no.

What happens if only one of my teammates can't make it? Can we race as a team of 2?

As long as we have your payment and your waiver, this will be ok. Any team challenge specifically designed for 3 people may require extra thinking on your part, though!

Can we help other teams during the race?
Yes. Share the love, people.

What was our time? What place did we get? What was our Time?
Please remember, this event is for FUN, not for Olympic qualification. Any serious concerns may be brought to the attention of the race directors who have the final say. Results will be posted and announced as soon as humanly possible. Harassing the nice volunteers working on timing and results at the finish line will only delay the "humanly possible" part.

And this is going to be fun, right?
Oh yes! Bring a sense of humor along with your sense of adventure, and you will have a blast!


What if I have a question that is not frequently asked?

Feel free to contact us at info@activateomaha.org if you have questions not covered here, and we will be happy to answer them!

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