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Part of the adventure is being prepared for any challenges that you may face.  Your team must be completely self sufficient during this event, as there will be no water, food or mechanical assistance on the course.

All of the following gear is REQUIRED to participate in this event.  Each team will be required to show their gear before being allowed into the main transition area on race day.

SHORT COURSE Required Gear:
Individual Gear:
  • Bicycle-     Tires must be AT LEAST 1.25 inches wide. No racing bikes.
  • Helmet-     Immediate disqualification if not worn at all times while biking.
  • Water-      At least one full water bottle (20 oz) per racer

Team Gear (one set of the following required per team):
  • Multi-use tool
    From Gear List
  • Portable/mini tire pump OR CO2 inflation cartridge(s)
    From Gear List
  • At least one set tire levers
    From Gear List
  • At least one spare tire tube per racer. (Multiple flat tires can happen!  Be prepared!)
  • One basic first aid kit per team, sufficient for 3 people
  • One fully charged cell phone per team (team phone number must be registered at starting
  • line in case of emergencies)
  • $5 in cash per team
  • Pencil/pen and small notepad

Additional recommended equipment:
  • Backpacks/hydration packs
    From Gear List
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun Glasses
  • Energy bars or other nutrition
  • 2 or 3 Ziplock bags for phones, cameras, instructions (Yes, you will probably be getting wet at some point!)
  • Extra pair of dry socks
  • Additional maps of Omaha
  • Ability to work as a team, laugh at your mistakes and have a good time!

Are your bike repair skills a bit rusty?  Check with the local bike shops for schedules on basic bike maintenance.
What You Need
Event Contact
Promoter: Trails Have Our Respect
Contact: Activate Omaha
Email: Click Here
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