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There will be gear checks conducted during the race. If you wish to bring additional items, this is up to you. Every racer/team will be required to show race officials selected gear from the gear list. If you are missing any of the required items you will be accessed a 1 hour time penalty per missing item. The Wild Hare race director may update this list up to a few days before the race. Racers must have the following gear to be able to race.

Required Individual Gear (to be carried at all times during the race)
  • Pack with hydration system (70 oz. minimum)
  • Headlamp
  • Whistle
  • Emergency Blanket
Required Individual Gear (mountain bike section)
  • Approved mountain bike (no road, cyclocross or tandem bikes allowed)
  • Red blinking tail light (mounted on bike)
  • Front white bike light 
  • Bike helmet  
  • Spare tube
Required Individual Gear  (paddling section)
  • Paddle (provided at race, personal paddles are allowed)
  • Type III PFD ( provided at race, personal PFDs are allowed)
  • Canoes will be provided for 2-3 person divisions.  No other boats will be allowed (exception: solo racers).
  • Solo Racers:  Kayak/Canoe
Required Team Gear (to be carried at all times during the race)
  • Waterproof map case
  • Tool for plotting UTM coordinates (1:25000 & 1:15000 will be used)
  • Compass (1 per team)
  • Writing utensil
  • 1 fully charged cell phone in waterproof container (for emergencies only)
  • First aid kit (Be responsible here. Your kit should include items similar to a typical medical kit)
Required Team Gear (mountain bike section)
  • Bicycle multi-purpose tool
  • Tire pump or CO2 cartridge inflator
Recommended Gear (Team or Individual) -- Not Required
  • Long pants (for trekking) are highly recommended
  • Tube patch kit
  • Notepad/paper
  • Electrolyte tablets
  • Hydration supplement
  • Extra socks
  • Biking/paddling gloves
  • Food
  • Bike Chain Oil
  • Chain tool / Chain repair
Event Contact
Promoter: Wild Hares Racing, LLC
Contact: Race Director
Email: Click Here
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