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Long Course Racers

UTM Plotters
There will be two topo maps that you will plot your coordinates. The larger map will be scaled to 1:25000. The second map will be scaled to 1:15000. Please make sure you bring the appropriate UTM plotter(s). You will NOT be using a 1:24000 plotter, which is common for most adventure races.

Personal Paddling Gear
You may bring personal paddling gear (pfd/paddles). However, you will need to bring these items to the race start and carry them for a portion of the race. After the paddling section, you are not required to carry your paddling gear. You will, however, need to secure your gear and load it into a transport vehicle. Securing your gear means that you will need to put your team's gear either into a large plastic bag, or attach it together with a bungee, etc... In other words, we do not want to loose items in the transport vehicle. We will transport these items back to the start/finish and leave them in the transport vehicle for you to retrieve after you finish. For solo racers, we will transport your kayaks back to the start/finish.

Each individual racer: please make sure you bring both a headlamp for trekking and a front white bike light for biking. The days are getting shorter, so you could potentially see darkness at the start and finish. A rear red flashing light is still required on your bike as noted in the gear list.

Event Contact
Promoter: Wild Hares Racing, LLC
Contact: Race Director
Email: Click Here
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