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What Are Some of the Obstacle Names and Descriptions?

      Haystack Attack:  This one wil give you Hay Fever, 16 massive alfalfa bales stacked like a two hump camel.


      Alcatraz: A series of 5,6,7 and 8 foot walls without the guard dogs.  Don't hesitate to help your teammates or fellow conquestants over the walls or other obstacles, after all, a hero never leaves a fellow soldier on the battlefield!


      Conduit Through-it: 50 foot tunnel crawl to help you get your claustrophobic groove on.


      Guadalcanal: a zero entry 40 foot canal taking you to the base of a fifteen foot rope ascent over a dirt mogul.


      Dire Tire/Farmers Carry:   A 100 yard tire drag or 30 lb Farmers Carry , a new way to enjoy a flat tire or two 5 gallon jugs full of gravel!

      The Barbed Wire Quagmire: A joyful 50 foot belly crawl under an 18 inch ceiling of barbed wire.  Slow and Low is the key here!

      The Kill Box: A concentrated collection of obstacles including:

      The Chasm Rope Climb:  A real hang up. 

      The Snake Pit: Over and under hurdles, don't eat the gravel!

      The Mean Balance Beam - Why is it so hard to walk in a straight line?


      Monkey Bar Madness: This will drive you bananas.


      Belly Busters: Two six foot walls .


      Hadrian's Wall: A 10 foot wall of twenty recycled tires lashed with 600 feet of rope.

      Parellel Hell: Walking on your hands was never so fun.


      The Trenches:  Simulated trench warfare without the trench foot.


      Wittstruck Muck: A minefield of high stepping tires and hay bale hurdles.


      The Ditch Glitch: A challenging creek crossing.


      The Log Bog:  Another mucky creek crossing on a wobbly log.


      The Crusade:  Trail running adventure through the enchanted forest.


      The Immense Fence: 42 feet of horizontal climbing excitement.


      The Great Escape:   Tunnel style crawl through the tomb-stoned semi tractor tires.


      The Steeple Chase:  A 100 yard home strectch of hurdles, pits, mounds and moguls.


      What to Wear?


      We recommend you wear a long-sleeve moisture wicking shirt to protect your elbows on the crawling obstacles.  Also, athletic or tactical pants that cover at least the knees and even the shins will be a leg saver you won't regret.


      Tight fitting gloves with gripper palms are a good investment.  We've found that mechanic style gloves at Menard's, Home Depot etc work great for about $10 bucks.  Get them a size smaller than you normally would.


      Hat and/or sunscreen.


      Old shoes that can get trashed and muddy.  Bring along a plastic bag and a change of shoes to keep the car clean.

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      Promoter: VictoryQuest
      Contact: Race Master
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